10 Brisbane bands that currently rule (we reckon)

10 Brisbane bands that currently rule (we reckon): a list by Minor Premiers

Words by Luke and Jhindu of Minor Premiers

The Brisbane Sound, Briscore. Whatever it is, it’s a thing. And it’s really awesome. So here’s some songs from but a handful of bands (certainly not all) that we reckon are currently flying the flag.

Note: we’re limited to a list of 10. We’d add so many more if we could. Sorry about that. Feel free to angry react. We understand.

minor premiers 10 brisbane bands

Want a leg up on the local scene? Minor Premiers have sketched out 10 Brisbane bands you should start paying attention to.


JHINDU: One of my favourite Brissy bands. Really great songs, great people, great live show, great band.

Harley Young & The Haymakers

LUKE: These guys made an entire record about Sandgate! Aside from that, incredible songwriting and pop smarts all round. Legends too.

Dumb Things

JHINDU: Such an underrated band, with great songs you can imagine yourself drinking tea to in the country.


LUKE: I’m slightly obsessed with Deafcult. They epitomise everything that’s great about music for me. Brisbane’s current champions. It’s the band you wish you were in. They’ll knock you over live. Literally.

Good Boy

JHINDU: The young guns of Brissy, they’re very intoxicating live and have one of the best rhythm sections you’ll hear in town.


LUKE: I could go on about how great Whalehouse are. You have to see them live if you get a chance. True Brisbane punk.

Future Haunts

JHINDU: These guys are really good, no I mean really really good. Their live shoe gazey parts are something you will fall in love with instantly.

Silent Feature

LUKE: Without sounding over top, these guys are seriously world class. And they just get better. Plus they somehow manage to make even the shittiest stage sound amazing.


JHINDU: Some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! Combined with their fast and fun live show, they’re your new favorite pop punk band you definitely wouldn’t hide from your mum.

Sweater Curse

JHINDU: Upcoming new kids on the block. This song is a cracker! Definitely keep your eyes on this band.


Listen to Minor Premier’s latest single Great Circle Line below: