10 songs by Australian women that the world should hear: a playlist by Good Pash

Good Pash rocked our socks off at the Issue 5 Launch, and we’ve been keeping one ear on them ever since. Having caught them in their element, we suggest you do the same.

As part of International Women’s Day, we asked Babyshakes (Maddy), Hotwheelz (Anna), A’ite (Court) and Rasorsk8 (Jules) to share some of their favourite ever tracks written by women.

good pash international women's day 10 songs by women

Wanting to diversify your go-to playlist on International Women’s Day? Start off with these 10 hits, courtesy of the rockers from Good Pash.

Courtney Barnett – Kim’s Caravan

This song is a bittersweet environmental ballad that just keeps building and building. There’s this great line that always gives me a bit of a shiver:

“The Great Barrier Reef it ain’t so great anymore. It’s been raped beyond belief, the dredges treat it like a whore.” 💜 Mads

Moaning Lisa – Carrie

I know everyone is talking about this tune, but there’s a reason for that. 💜 Mads

Boat Show – The Big Smoke

This is a bloody good tune. It’s also pretty funny. 💜 Mads

Kylie Minogue – I Believe In You

Calling Kylie Australia’s answer to Madonna is rude. This song is a dance banga in a league of its own. 💚 Anna

Tina Arena – Sorrento Moon

This song makes me want to groove and have a cigar. 💚 Anna

Claire Anne Taylor – My Mother, The Mountain

I first heard Claire at Dashville Skyline last year. It was a gloomy afternoon and my best mate and I sat down on a comfy picnic blanket near the front with a beer and watched her pour her soul out.

It was bloody magical. This one’s for all the strong mummas out there. 💛 Jules

Jen Cloher – Regional Echo

A lot of my songwriting attempts are based on Jen Cloher. I love the way she swaps between rock god and folk songstress, and the often fugal way they intertwine.

This is a definite favourite from her latest album. 💛 Jules

Merpire – Holding Breath

Fuarrr what a voice! This ripper tune produced by Andy Bull has synths that make you feel tingly inside and simultaneously conjures up a power ballad vibe. 💛 Jules

Major Leagues – Good Love

One of my faves of 2017. 💙 Court

Stella Donnelly – Mechanical Bull

Years of working in customer service brings this one close to my heart. 💙 Court


Catch Good Pash live:

Sat 17 March – GIRLS IN GONG – Rad Bar, Wollongong
Tues 20 March – Waywards, Sydney – with Solid Effort, Fruit

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