10 new artists who we suspect will make it big in 2020

With so many new artists releasing amazing music every week, it’s hard to keep track of it all. From a huge list of incredible acts, we’ve whittled it down to our 10 favourite artists mixing it up and keeping things fresh in Australian music right now.

To keep things simple, we’ve only selected artists who have released music recently and are poised to charge forth from the underground any day now.

Here are 10 new artists we predict will be the next big thing.

new artists

It’s easy to get swept away with all the amazing new music dropping week in week out. Thus, to help narrow it down, we have gathered 10 artists we suspect will make it big in 2020.

10. Lorelei

With only one single to their name, Lorelei certainly know how to hit the ground running. I Am A Road is a dreamy, heady concoction of velvet vocals and shimmering synths. It’s hard to ignore the undeniable attention to song-craft and we’ve had it on repeat.

Front woman Claudia Schmidt is also a member of Brightness and folk duo Betty and Oswald. A veritable whirlwind of creative force, Schmidt has pricked our ears up for all the right reasons and we can’t wait to see what Lorelei does next.

9. First Beige

Brisbane 6-piece First Beige are a dance lovers dream. Taking cues from Mildlife the outfit have expanded the sound world with male-female harmonies, multiple synth layers, flute, and a whole lot of funk.

Their latest single Desire is a high-mark for the outfit and hints at their increasingly experimental, off-beat direction. With a debut album supposedly on the way, we can’t wait to see what happens to First Beige as we limber up for their next show.

8. Grace Cummings

With a debut album out in just 3 days (Nov 1st) the latest Flightless Records signee Grace Cummings commands attention with her stunning voice and the powerful stroke of a pen. Her lyricism and poise harkens back to the likes of Jim Morrison and Jefferson Airplane, highlighting her knack for intriguing acoustic exposition.

There Flies The Seagulls is one of our favourite tracks of late so keep an open ear out for Refuge Cove, it’s sure to be an absolutely stellar record.

7. The Lazy Eyes

No singles and no music, but a whole lot of hype, The Lazy Eyes are stunning exhibition of ‘exploding’ onto the scene. Famed in Sydney for their gnarly live shows, the young tone masters blend all the greatest elements from Tame Impala and King Gizz into something fresh and new.

An absolute must see for any psych-rock fan; word on the street is there are big things to come for these young masterminds.

Photo: Dani Hansen

6. Shady Nasty

Tense post-punk outfit Shady Nasty are extremely hard to box in. Their powerful no-bullshit lyrics are instantly relatable, cutting to the core of the big issues. Straight out of Sydney, the trio also incorporate elements of jazz and hardcore into a potent primal liquor that is both strong and smooth to swill.

Keep a close eye on these innovators, we have have no doubt they will continue to blur lines and create art that is utterly and wholly unique.

5. Lola Scott

Lola Scott‘s latest single Heaven Knows is a loaded canon. In what’s only her third single, the Sydney singer is paving an interesting new ground as she takes off down the road. Scott’s thick melodies and bright hooks have quickly gathered her a flock of fans.

In a world were it’s increasingly common for artists to reach international mainstream fame and maintain their relative indie identity, Lola Scott has the makings of big things to come.

4. Brightness

Having just dropped their sophomore album, Brightness have crafted a textured tapestry of indie-folk mystery and honest expression. With Alex Knight at the helm, the singer has confirmed his place as one of Sydney’s leading songsmiths with tracks like Dallas and Bukhansan. 

As the name suggests Brightness blends bursting streaks and veins of gold amidst a rock of melancholy reflection. Feathers stands apart in the collection as a powerful, yearning poetic deluge. The breathy, emotive vocals make the track seem as if Alex is whispering his bed covers and is a sublime note of artistry.

Catch Brightness play at Happy Mags 5th Birthday on Nov 22.


Sydney sister duo CLEWS have been on a serious winning streak recently. Their latest singles Hollywood and New Age are both certifiable indie-rock bangers with sibling harmonies that are bound to give you chills.

Hailing from Mollymook, Grace and Lily Richardson emit a passion in their lyricism that translates powerfully to the stage. We predict great things to come from these talented songwriters.

2. Annie Hamilton

On her third single Kitchen, Sydney singer-songwriter Annie Hamilton has found her voice. The transcendental, yet conversational lyricism draws you instantly into her world of pounding drums, soaring vocals and bleeding, ethereal guitar lines.

Seriously underrated, Annie Hamilton is like a hidden gem in the Sydney music scene. As soon as someone spies her ruby glint in their peripherals, Annie will take off. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Catch Annie Hamilton play at Happy Mags 5th Birthday on Nov 22.

1. Gordon Koang

The king of music, Gordon Koang was an asylum seeker from South Sudan who has just received a Permanent Protection Visa. Koang was a household name in South Sudan and has found residency in Melbourne where he, and his cousin Paul Biel, have dedicated their melody stricken, afro-beat tunes to Australia.

Furthermore Gordon Koang was born blind and thus adds a certain, tangible element of feeling to his music as he plays the thom: a strung, banjo-like instrument.