We chat with Melbourne rap collective DrankWater about the scene there

Melbourne rap collective DrankWater recently dropped a hot new singe, VIBE WITH ME, which was got just about you could want in a rap track. Killer flow, a knocking beat, and a super strong music video that demonstrates deep inner longing beautifully.

We caught up with DrankWater (DW) to get the low down on the making of the clip, future music plans and dream concerts.


We caught up with DrankWater to chat about their explosive new clip for VIBE WITH ME and the rap scene in Melbourne.

HAPPY: Hey, how are you going right now? What are you up to at the moment?

DW: Hey! Whats up!!! We are doing really well at the moment thanks for asking, we’re all pushing to work through our own individual mental health issues and barriers, but as a general consensus and feeling throughout Drank Water, we have never felt as strong or as driven as we do right now. This is a family after all, so its nice too know we all have each other’s back and are surrounded by the LOVE!

At the moment we are just trying to get everything organised for this upcoming EP titled NO FILTER that we are releasing in early 2020, there is a buzz of excitement to share what we have made with the world that grows stronger and harder to contain, luckily we have some good people around us helping us be more patient and tactical.

HAPPY: Your new single VIBE WITH ME is out? How does it feel?

DW: It feels great but also a bit weird to be honest with you! It’s just a little odd picturing other people listening to something we’ve created in the same way we listen to other artists. Or like when a homie comes to pick you up and they are blasting your track in the car. There is an energy that rises through you, it’s a bit hard to describe but its just a rush of pure ecstasy. A feeling that is truly unmatched in our eyes.

HAPPY: How did Adrian Swish get involved?

DW: Hudson and Adrian have known each other for roughly 4 years, Adrian even dated Hudson’s cousin at one point, so the two of them are close. They are almost like brothers, and Adrian and Hudson have been working on musical projects together for quite some time now. Hudson even credits Adrian as one of the people who was around when he began rapping (As well as Kmodo, another local Melbourne talent). How “Vibe With Me” was created was quite simply as the title suggests, just two good friends getting together and (excuse the cheesy pun) vibed, and in a single studio session, the song was created.

HAPPY: How did the name Drank Water come about?

DW: Water is a necessity for all living creatures, including a very exhausted and dehydrated Conplex and Syd-G while they were on a bender. When else would it be best to come up with a name for your future company, rap group and hopeful label than on a bender? Also, to be frank without trying to be too arrogant, we want our music to be as important as water is to people, if our music can help someone survive something that they feel they couldn’t have done alone, then mission accomplished. We are here to quench that thirst that everyone has, that thirst for connection and love. Drank Water.

HAPPY: Were there any particular artists you were listening to that inspired VIBE WITH ME?

DW: I don’t know you always get inspiration from somewhere, other people other artists, I guess you could say Travis Scott and maybe a little bit of Manu Crooks.

HAPPY: Tell us a bit about your collective?

DW: Well we are made up of 4 artists, who all have a deep passion for the music they make and a deeper respect for the craft. We seek to touch people with our music, move them in ways they have never been moved before, forcing them to challenge themselves while preaching a general message of positivity. Transforming lemons to Lemonade.

HAPPY: What’s the rap scene like in Melbourne?

DW: Young and vibrant. It’s so exciting to see so many new young artists out there. It’s pushing the culture forward and we love it. The more the merrier. I also think we (Melbourne) are starting to find our own sound, as well as the pathways to connect to the US and UK have been somewhat paved for us. The roads have been built they just haven’t been travelled much, so shoutout to the OG’s for opening that road up for us. Now its our turn, and we cannot wait!

HAPPY: What sort of influence did Director Albert Lamontagne have on the clip?

DW: His word is law. He directed the video head to toe. Often coming up with locations as well as the artistic vision behind the video. A lot of credit should go to that man, he works hard to deliver the best possible work he can under the budget given to him. Thanks Albert! We love ya mate!

HAPPY: Who is your ideal show if you could support any artist at any concert?

DW: Well damn, this is a hard one because I can guarantee you this list will change in like a week from now but with a gun to my head….
J.I.D, J.cole, Bas, we wouldn’t mind supporting anyone from Dreamville really. Chance The Rapper, Action Bronsen, Ocean Wisdom.. damn this list could go on! Lets talk some more local talent to finish up before we overboard. Wouldn’t mind shutting down a show with Chillinit, Huskii, Nerve, Wombat and Shadow just to name a few. So many more in all honesty though, we really love music.

HAPPY: What does the future look like for Drank Water?

DW: In terms of Music:
In the short term, we want to tour, or at least play a lot of shows. We all have some anxiety around performing but we know the only way to get through that is to literally go through that! So we want to perform as much as possible and push this EP really hard to try get the rest of our body through the door, quite frankly a foot in is not enough! In the long run, and we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves here, but we want to form a label and/or production company that is bigger than just music. We love all forms of art, and we want to have a platform where we can give other artists who are in the same position we are in now a helping hand so to speak.
A space for artists to be able to share their work and not feel tied down to what a label wants from them, or what they are being told will ‘sell’.

We also really want to help provide aid to countries in need of water eventually, as its a necessity in life and some people still don’t have access to clean water, which is very sad but also just not acceptable. It is a basic human right. We understand that this can be a difficult task, but once we are properly set up and have done some more research, it’s definitely a really important goal of ours.

HAPPY: Sounds great! Cheers for the chat!