PREMIERE: DrankWater’s new music video is dripping with emotional rap goodness

Melbourne rap collective DrankWater have just dropped a cracker new music video which was so worth the wait. VIBE WITH ME  is an emotional rap banger, and the music video demonstrates deep inner longing beautifully.

Drank Water

Director Albert Lamontagne brilliantly captures DrankWater’s raw energy and emotion, shown by Taylor and Swish who kick around in ankle-deep water to express their incurable emotional pleads.

We are initially introduced to the song’s lead, Hudson Taylor, who sits along a river, thoughtfully smoking a cigarette in a somber, almost heartbroken way. Taylor puts his earphones in and we are seamlessly launched into the deep bassy tones of the tracks instrumental, masterfully produced by feature artist, Adrian Swish.

VIBE WITH ME is a desperate call to an unrequited love who is depicted in the video as a disinterested girl who doesn’t seem to notice the pleads of Hudson Taylor as they wander through a list of Melbourne parks and streets.

Lamontagne pays homage to the DrankWater aesthetic by constructing a water-soaked reservoir setting, beautifully lit by a futuristic-looking strip of white light. This clever use of lighting, makes the clip all the more powerful and dramatic as abstract streams of water fly across the screen. This setting works all the better to transmit the raw energy of Hudson and Swish as their charming yet sensitive verses promise love and protection to those who will take up their offer.

The real emotional hook of the song is felt in the video’s conclusion as Taylor, who remains alone, flicks a burnt-out cigarette offscreen. The ending symbolises an acceptance for the one that got away, but surely leaves others keen to come vibe with the catchy and hugely replayable elements of the DrankWater sound.

Vibe With Me is the first release off DrankWater’s upcoming EP – No Filter.  With a track and music video this brilliant, there’s no doubt only great things to come for the North Melbourne collective who are currently making major moves in the Victorian scene.

Check out the raging clip below: