Stray Charley have a killer single and all the makings of a great band

Coming in hot with the catchiest debut single single we’ve heard in years, Adelaide’s Stray Charley.

The indie-rockers are a prime example of hitting the ground running and we can’t wait to catch them in Sydney real soon. Today they filled us in on the formation of their band and we suspect it could the beginnings of great things!

Stray Charley

Adelaide rockers Stray Charley have emerged from the hills like some phantom musicians of the past with a killer single in hand and something to prove.

All Words by Stray Charley

Band Formation

Our band formed in quite a funny way, almost fate & one off coincidences, Jake (Drummer) & Adrian (Singer/Rhythm) both attended Adelaide High School, Adrian being a year above but they still played footy together during lunch time. Adrian did a lot of solo acoustic stuff with a few shows here & there. Jake leaning more into drums after years of guitar playing.

The two bumped into each other at a music festival (Spin off) Adrian sitting at the top of the Ferris whew yelled down to Jake “Jake! Are you in a band?” Jake replying with a no , Adrian quickly suggested on starting one, they both agreed & from that day onwards the band started.

Hamish was shown the ropes of bass from Jake, after rocking up to his house & unexpectedly witnessing the sound of a blue Yamaha TRBX bass, he was Instantly hooked, buying a JBass within the next couple of days, hasn’t looked back since. Hamish played piano for 6 years so he picked up bass quite quickly.

Jake & Adrian jammed together for a while, doing some rough phone recordings of original songs, & writing plenty of music , Hamish was overseas at the time, when he returned it all started to kick off as a 3-piece band.

During the search for a lead guitarist to fill out the band, Hamish was in the process of selling a set of wheels from his old Corolla. Jack showed up, bought the wheels & asked about the band he was in. As they were looking for a lead guitarist, everyone saw potential , turns out Jack was a solid guitar player with years of experience under his belt, it didn’t take long will he was onboard & learning the songs & before we knew it he was up on stage

Band Name

We were originally called Poolside Band, shortly after we were a little unsure about it & wanted a change, we had a range of whacky names but nothing seemed to work for all of us. While we were jamming at Jakes house one day, we heard a troubled dog barking out the front, we let it in & tired to see if there was a number we could call, quickly found the number & then discovered the dogs name was Charley.

After a short phone call we quickly returned the dog to it’s owner , Adrian blatantly suggested “Stray Charley” we all sort of looked at each with a face of agreement, it worked for all of us &after a quick discussion we all decided to keep the name & lock it in for good.