10 things you didn’t know about JH from Polish Club, written by JH’s dad

No matter how much you love a musician, it’s usually impossible to get to know them completely, unless that band is Polish Club, and that musician is drummer, JH, and you’re reading this article.

Polish Club are about to head on a short but very special tour, the ‘Polish Club with Horns (cos why the f*ck not) tour’, and to celebrate we asked JH’s father, the eminent Henry Pajak, to tell us 10 things about JH that he definitely wouldn’t want us to divulge. To supplement Henry’s hilarious (often misspelt) anecdotes, we also asked bandmate/best mate Novak to elaborate.

As you probably guessed, for the tour the scuzzy soul duo will be bringing with them a five-piece horn section. They will also be joined by bunch of very special guests for the performances, which will take place in Melbourne and Sydney in July.

The show will also open with Sydney’s biggest up-and-coming polka pop cover band revue, which may or may not include JH’s dad on accordion, joined by his son and Novak.

“It’s kind of an excuse for us to play pop songs that we couldn’t quite pull off by ourselves,” says Novak. What pop covers? Think Bruno Mars and Beyoncé.

“This is gonna be fun,” adds Novak. “There’s really no other reason to do it besides us wanting to have a good time and that usually translates to the audience having a good time as well.”

Polish Club

10 things you didn’t know about JH from Polish Club, written by two of the people who know him best, his dad and Novak, his bandmate.

1. Loved playing knights and pirates dad made the costumes

Novak: In my mind, this is JH dressed as a pirate captain, with his minions wearing Manly Sea Eagles jerseys, destroying Newcastle Knights merch.

2. Every art work was on display from year 1

Novak: Well… anyone familiar with JH’s work & doodles will probably be familiar with his, let’s say less than family friendly artistic tendencies. So I just hope he didn’t discover what a “phallus” was until well after year 1.

3. Learned piano for many years never sat for exam

Novak: Considering how long it took him in the studio to learn the chords for a new demo on piano, we should probably check if it’s not too late for that exam. Story checks out though, he knows his keys more or less.

4. Homework was always first

Novak: Having watched old mate slave over band artwork and design, I’d hazard a guess that despite homework always being started first, it was never finished first. Regardless, I’m sure it was all straight A’s. Except perhaps in English class. Spelling needs work still today.

5. One year scored 103 runes in cricket in one hr

Novak: He’s a massive nerd, legit. But managing to involve runes (and that many) in a game of cricket is next level. And if that’s a spelling mistake and it means 103 runs in an hour, well I’d have to know what ground it was done on and against what competition. If it was at the G or something, against an A-grade side, then that’s massive. But if this is some tiny Manly backyard, against cousins, then I’m not having it eh.

Polish Club
What a stunner, courtesy of JH’s dad

6. Unlucky in love

Novak: Yep. :( **sending good vibes** :)

7. Loved by all the family

Novak: So not really that unlucky with love eh? Yiew.

8. Very generous to his family and friends

Novak: Truuu. I mean we had just spent a good 7 hours on delayed flight from Perth and he went straight to bloody Manly from the airport to see his folks. G O O D B O Y E. But also, he left me with his gear, which is still at my house. So you could say that I’m also very generous to John’s family and friends.

9. Had only one pet Coco, killed by a dock in front of his eyes.

Novak: I mean, that’s awful. Though I’m struggling to imaging how a dock would kill a cat. Very sad and undoubtably scarring nonetheless. RIP kitty.

10. His painting are hanging in every room of the family home.

Novak: Again, I hate to bring up penises twice in a top ten list, but the man draws a lot of wee wees. I haven’t seen any of his work with a brush, but presumably they’re also phallic in nature. Would love to see the family home. Or maybe not…

Catch Polish Club on the ‘Polish Club with Horns (cos why the f*ck not) tour’ at the following, and get your tickets here.

Saturday 7 July – Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Saturday 14 July  – Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW