11 year old wins best child award after writing a 6 page report on why her parents should adopt a cat

We all love the way kid’s brains work, but one genius in San Antonio has topped them all. Let’s just say that Romesa really wanted a pet cat.

What better way to convince a pair of reasonable adults than to outline your reasons in a six page report?

All we can say is that this kid must really want a bloody cat. With a report probably packed with as much research as most undergrad papers, we reckon she’s done more than enough to warrant her furry friend.

The report includes details on the religious significance of cats, the medical benefits of having cats and how she would ‘do anything for it’. Not only that but her sister has taken to Twitter to take little Romesa to town for her amazing request.

Since her sister tweeted the hilarious turn of events, we hope that her fam has caved to the global pressure and given Romesa what she so clearly deserves. Meow Meow.