Brighten up your life with a 16-track playlist from Byron Bay legends Seaside

Seaside know how to piece together a slick tune. Turns out they know how to piece together a slick playlist too.

Their delish new single Golden Girl calls in favours from the best bits and bobs of indie, psych, and surf rock – a beautiful amalgamation of everything that comes to mind when you picture their hometown of Byron Bay. So, we thought it high time to ask Seaside for a playlist of tunes they were digging.

Here’s what they came up with.

seaside playlist

Need a little sunshine in your life? We promise this stellar playlist from indie darlings Seaside will brighten up your day.

“This playlist is a compilation of my favourite songs, old and new. They are all different but I love them each for their own reasons. I find when listening to songs, I really dive into them and lyrically and melodically these songs have touched me or influenced me in some way.”

“Milk by Kings of Leon has been my favourite song since Aha Shake Heartbreak came out in 2004, and The National are my absolute favourite band so I had to chuck my top songs of theirs in there too. Matt Berninger is a god damn genius and as a writer I idolise the way he captures everything so perfectly.”

“The rest of them are my most listened to and most loved tunes.” – Darcy (vocals, synth)

Listen to Seaside’s latest single Golden Girl below: