3% drops ‘Coming Home’ ahead of VIVID Sydney Album launch

“I think someone did call back on that royal telephone and gave us the words and way forward we need, to not only show ourselves but the generations to come”

First Nations supergroup 3% is back with a single that’ll hit you in all the right places. Their latest release, ‘Coming Home,’ is a raw and honest exploration of family, mental health, and the powerful connection to Country.

Weaving a sample of Jimmy Little’s legendary “Royal Telephone” (the first by an Indigenous artist to top the charts!), ‘Coming Home’ is a heartfelt conversation with the ancestors. Nooky, Dallas Woods, and Angus Field lay it all bare – the love for family, the battles with mental health, and the strength it takes to keep moving forward.

3% share:

“When writing this song I touched into a place in my soul that I’ve rarely been able to explore and talk about. This song is about mental health, missing your loved ones and wanting to get home.

To me, the song is simple enough to let the message shine loudly through the soundscapes… hit you where it hurts and give you hope to rise up.
If you’ve ever had a battle with mental health, this song is for you. TURN IT UP. ” 
– Angus Field

“As a kid, Nan would play Jimmy Little’s ‘Royal Telephone’ religiously in her car and I always told myself that one day I’d do something with it… I used to spin out when Nan would say Jimmy Little was from Nowra.

I was thinking to myself, what if I did have a line to the big fulla upstairs? I’d be asking about family and if I could talk to my uncle who had recently passed away. I started to think about the phone being like a helpline for me to confess troubles I was having – again losing my uncle and feeling weird talking about it with my brothers, I wanted to acknowledge this because I haven’t ever heard it spoken about in a song, especially a blak man doing it.

Around this time I was having real bad depression, anxiety and having a low sense of self-worth. I kinda found an old lifestyle I’d turned my back on creeping back into my thoughts. I’d be having flickering moments of wanting to self-sabotage all the good things I’ve got going on, mainly my family, which would make me feel even worse about myself… so I was having a lot of internal conflict because I’d go home and my family would love to see me and it’s all smiles as soon as I walk through the door. But in my head, half an hour ago, the darkness was calling me not to come home to them. It was a real moment of battle for me.

This song is very special to me as I feel like this was the first song where I began to show my vulnerable side… [and is] the first time I’ve mentioned my family on a song. While make it, I was walking around the house singing the original alot – one day my daughters said we should make a “Royal Telephone” song. So I asked if they wanted to sing it for me, and Calula said she would… now she’s on the song which is something I’m super proud of and hold very dear to my chest.

It’s also the song that brought 3% together, Angus came down to Sydney to do his final vocals for this track while me and Dallas were working on the other songs. 3% was formed in that moment. I think someone did call back on that royal telephone and gave us the words and way forward we need, to not only show ourselves but the generations to come.” – Nooky

The accompanying video showcases the trio traversing their lands and confronting their emotional truths. It’s a story of resilience, the beauty of family bonds, and the struggles that come with them.

But ‘Coming Home’ isn’t just about personal battles. It’s a celebration of 3% themselves. Formed in 2022, these three powerhouses have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. From tracks like “OUR PEOPLE” featuring The Presets to the anthemic “LANDBACK,” they’ve been tackling social issues head-on while dropping seriously catchy tunes.

If you have caught them live, you’ll know they’ve rocked Blak Powerhouse, Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, and a string of surprise shows in Victorian prisons. They’ve also got a killer track, ‘Won’t Stop’ featuring Jessica Mauboy, as the official theme song for Supercars 2024!

Looking ahead, 3% is gearing up for a massive free show at Vivid Sydney this June 14th at Tumbalong Park, performing their debut album ‘Kill the Dead’ alongside Jess Mauboy, Tia Gostelow, and a whole crew of Aussie music royalty.

So, dive deep into ‘Coming Home,’ it’s a powerful reminder of the strength we find in family, community, and staying true to ourselves.

And keep your eyes peeled for 3% – they’re destined for greatness.

VIVID dates here.