Watch WhoSampled.com’s Chris Read give a 30-minute lecture on the history of sampling

As part of an ongoing event at Point Blank Music School in London, Chris Read has given a 30-minute workshop detailing the history of sampling.

Read is a DJ, producer, and the man behind the world’s largest sampling database (and the saviour of so many ‘tip of my tongue’ moments) WhoSampled.

history of sampling chris read whosampled.com

Want to better understand the history of sampling? Dive into this 30-minute lecture from Chris Read, the man behind WhoSampled.

“All music ever has been reinterpreted by music that has come before.”

The talk tracks the entire history of musical reinvention, from when classical musicians were releasing variation compositions, borrowing ideas from other composers and making it their own. Sampling as we currently understand the term started with turntables, and of course hip hop.

Read obviously spends a lot of time on hip hop, from its birth in 1973 to when sampling became such a pivotal piece of the genre with turntablism. What was particularly was his outline of pre-sampling practices, such as how covers first started emerging and how similar techniques were around before turntables.

Overall it’s a killer watch, one I happily sunk half an hour into.

Via The Vinyl Factory.