So apparently, it was illegal to smoke weed at Denver’s 420 festival

Last Wednesday, April 20, Denver enjoyed its second annual 420 festival, a holiday celebrating the legalisation of recreational marijuana.

Funnily enough, it was actually totally illegal to smoke weed at the festival, here’s why.

According to the festival organisers, smoking of any kind was strictly prohibited and would be enforced due to the factors below.

420 festival
Credit: Aaron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post

In Denver, marijuana can only be consumed in a private residence, a licensed marijuana hospitality business or a licensed retail joint (pun very much intended).

It’s also illegal to smoke weed in a place that is observable by the public in Denver.

Apparently, the festival was an all-ages event but that is expected to change in 2023.

Probably not a bad idea considering it doesn’t seem like the kind of event where folks were really respecting the rules to not get high (See picture above).