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4K Tokkit is the TikTok video downloader we’ve all been searching for

4K Tokkit is here to ensure all that TikTok comedy gold doesn’t go to waste. Start downloading and saving your favourite videos today.

Have you ever been vibing out in the TikTok hole, scrolling through that scarily-well tailored algorithm, treating yourself to video after video of comedy brilliance? Us too. Now, have you ever stumbled across a video so brilliant, so relatable to you, that you needed it at palms reach at all times? Yup, us too, again.

At long last, we’ve found a reliable solution to this extremely common problem. The solution is 4K Tokkit. Here’s how it works…

4K Tokkit

How 4K Tokkit Works

First, head over to the download page on their website. From here, you can pinpoint exactly what download type you need for your computer model, then start the download. No pesky pop-up ads, either. The download page offers TikTok video downloading of course, via its intuitive user interface.

Once you’ve downloaded Tokkit, all you need to do is type a TikTok username into the interface and pick one of their vids to download. It’s that simple! 4K Tokkit even allows you to link your own TikTok account, so you can back up all your marvellous creations.

Wanna get serious?

Everything we’ve mentioned so far is entirely free. However, if you’re looking to up your download game and get the absolute most from Tokkit, they also offer some handy PRO upgrades. Most notably, unlimited downloads. Take a look:

If you want access to all of these, you’re in luck! Tokkit is currently running a bulk deal ($65) for all 4 of their PRO licenses. And to top it off, each licence is usable on up to three separate devices. So, what are you waiting for? Start downloading your favourite TikTok vids here. Enjoy!