5 artists from New South Wales that we’re digging right now

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we scour the depths of Australia and New Zealand to bring you some raw talent as part of our Needle in the Hay vinyl competition.

To celebrate, we’ll be bringing you our favourite artists from each state in the country as well as New Zealand. First up is Happy Mag’s home base – New South Wales.

egoism Lewis Demertzi
Photo: Lewis Demertzi

We’re looking all over Australia and New Zealand, giving one artist the chance to press their single to vinyl. Here are 5 artists from New South Wales we’re digging.

The Pinheads

Standing atop a reputation for being one of the most riotous live acts around, Wollongong band The Pinheads are now preparing to release their second LP Is This RealAnd we’re damn excited.

Preceding the release with tunes like Not Like You and Feel It Now, it’s clear the Pinnies have spent the time between records refining their sound into something robust and intoxicating.

They’ll be officially launching the record on May 24th at the Happy Mag Issue 11 Launch, part of VIVID Sydney. Grab all the details right here.

Hedy Lamarr

Hailing from Sydney’s ever-bustling Inner West, Hedy Lamarr sing riotous songs about gender, sex, politics, local venues, and whatever else stirs the pot.

They’re yet to make a formal release but if you get the chance, do catch this band on the live circuit. Their vocal harmonies are what dreams are made of.

Photo: Dani Hansen


For the first time since their 2017 EP It’s Wearing Off, Egoism are back in the hot seat. They wrapped last year up with their fantastic single Sorry, and in 2019 they’ve unveiled a follow-up tune named Enemies.

Their music is hazy, hypnotic, and completely unassuming. If you’re into dream pop, shoegaze, indie pop, or anything in between, this will be your next favourite band.

Egoism will be joining The Pinheads and a score of our favourite bands at the Happy Mag Issue 11 Launch on May 24th. Grab the details here.


For the first time in far, far too long, Australia have squeezed up some fresh juice. Get My Shit Together and Boiler were released as a double single just last month, and we’re already remembering what made us fall for this band all over again.

To celebrate the release they locked in a four week residency at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel, getting their shit together alongside bands such as Moody Beach, Mildlife, and more. If you missed out, you can still catch them in Wollongong on May 26th.


Rock Music Fan Club, or R M F C for short, is the bedroom recording project of an “extremely talented, intelligent and famous child prodigy”. Or is it?

Buz Clatworthy is an Ulladulla native who keeps a foggy public persona, crediting himself as Father Frog, Buz Avenue, or other pseudonyms depending on which instrument he’s playing, and indeed which release he’s playing on.

Whoever Buz really is, these are some incredible tunes.


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