5 artists from New Zealand that we’re digging right now

With the Needle In The Hay vinyl competition well under way we figure it’s that special time when we pull out the telescope and head over to the Land Of The Long White Cloud for some new music.

Read on for 5 artists from New Zealand that we’re all about.

We are scoping Australia and New Zealand, giving one band the chance to press their music to vinyl. Here 5 NZ artists we’re digging right now.


Auckland soulstress Lou’ana is embracing the voodoo in her latest single Eye To Eye. The former vocalist for Hipstamatics has dropped her debut solo effort and it’s hot as hell.

There are some gorgeous Amy Winehouse tones punctuating these catchy hooks and the new clip is a treat to watch. Directed by Annie Duckworth, the choreography is superb and the witchy backdrop is stunning. It’s a steamy slice of hip shaking soul and it’s 100 percent addictive.

Mini Simmons

Nobody can get a crowd moving, singing and dancing up a jolly old storm like Mini Simmons. Drawing heavily on the classics like The Rolling Stones and The Doors, they are a loose nod to the ’60s.

The four piece recently tore a blazing trail along Australia’s east coast, throwing crowds into a frenzy. Zac Hawkins armed with maracas akimbo channels some serious Jagger vibes with his raunchy vocals and smooth moves.

Check their latest single A Way With Murder below:

Louis Baker

Louis Baker’s voice is like chocolate melting onto the tongue of god. The Wellington native is predominantly a soul singer with a twist of pop. The result is some delectably sexy tunes… if this doesn’t melt your old winter hearts, nothing will.

Baker has some serious talent; his soft falsettos are clear as ice and his writing is lyrically deep, a highly sought after quality in the upper reaches of pop music. With a bright future ahead, we can’t wait to see him on Australian shores soon.

Check out Black Crow below and tell me I’m wrong:


Hailing from Rotorua, the humble 23 year-old Lepani is channelling R&B gold with his smooth and soulful lyrics. His debut single Pocket Full of Love has soared on Spotify despite the artist’s relatively small beginnings. No doubt big things are in store for this vocal powerhouse.

Pocket Full of Love is a  reflective meditation on love’s passing, Lepani stating: “The song is about a girl  who I tried to build a relationship with, but who stopped feeling the same as time passed.”

The lyrics are sincere, yet selfless and hopeful. Check out Lepani performing a stripped back version of Pocket Full of Love below:

Miss June

In your face lyrics and fuzzed out punk riffs; Miss June has an attitude. But with something so important to say, we hope she turns the mic up.

Her energy is raw and the content is powerful, championing women’s rights and trashing traditional stereotypes. Hailing from Rotorua near the Bay of Plenty, their debut EP Matriarchy has taken them all over the world.

After supporting Ruby Fields in Canberra and Hobart, Miss June will be taking off for London and New York. Currently on tour in Aus, Miss June is playing Waywards tomorrow night.


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