Meet Butterbox, 1 of the 5 bands playing alongside Hockey Dad this month

Butterbox are a brand new indie band from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, four rockers who have been showing up at local comps, shows, and projects since day dot. Even without a single release to their name, they’ve managed to be crowd favourites wherever they tread.

They’re also one of the five emerging bands selected to play alongside Hockey Dad at our Underproof show at the end of the month. Before the gig, we caught up with Butterbox to find out what they’re all about.

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Introduce yourself to Butterbox, one of the five local bands supporting Hockey Dad at our huge Underproof show next month.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

BUTTERBOX: Hey we’re great! We’ve been working on some new music and getting our other stuff down really well, including a new original lined up to debut at Underproof!

HAPPY: Tell us about yourselves. How did the band start out?

BUTTERBOX: Well we’re a four-piece band from the Northern Beaches. We started playing together in about October last year, we were just mates at school and Corey and Cal started jamming together, then I started coming along and singing for them and Ben was keen to jump on drums. We just started messing around with writing our own music and doing a couple covers here and there.

HAPPY: For new fans, what’s the band elevator pitch?

BUTTERBOX: We’re indie, kinda surf-rockish and we just wanna make tunes a crowd can go nuts to and enjoy.

HAPPY: Give us a little bit of a vibe on your live show. What’s the setup like?

BUTTERBOX: We wanna have a bit of fun, get the audience involved and having a dance. I reckon an indie/surf rock kinda sound and full of energy.


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writing some new stuff , planning to record some stuff 🥳🥳🥳

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HAPPY: What do you love about the scene around the Northern Beaches at the moment?

BUTTERBOX: We’re loving being a part of a rise of new local bands on the Northern Beaches, and just the youth being involved – like KALOF’s Northern Composure we competed in recently. There were heaps great local bands all getting around it and having a sick time!

HAPPY: Which other bands are you listening to right now?

BUTTERBOX: We’re all a bit different but we gotta say some Skegss, Ruby Fields, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ball Park Music, Ivey, Lime Co, Hilltop Hoods, and the list goes on. And Hockey Dad haha.

HAPPY: Very soon you’ll be playing the Underproof show with them, are you psyched? Anything special planned?

BUTTERBOX: Oh yeah we’re super stoked, its crazy to have this opportunity and we can’t wait! We’ve got one big cover everyone can dance to, plus the new orig we’re keen to play.

HAPPY: Tell us about what else you have coming up?

BUTTERBOX: Well in a couple of weeks we’re planning to record our first demos with a mate of ours and get them up on SoundCloud, Youtube all that which we’re super excited about!

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

BUTTERBOX: No worries! See you at Underproof!



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Fri 28 June – Dee Why PCYC – Tickets