5 Aussie tracks for a sunny afternoon

This month’s non-stop rain has almost made us forget that summer is actually a thing that happens. With rain predicted until the end of the month, we’ve curated this playlist as a means to remind ourselves that summer is, in fact, well and truly on its way.

Don’t fret! The end is in sight. The sun is shining today for the first time in weeks. Every person and their dog are outside smelling roses! Mangoes are getting cheaper! Aperol spritzes are popping back onto menus everywhere! Days are (slowly) getting warmer and nights are getting longer.


This month’s non-stop rain won’t stop us from getting our summer on. We’ve curated a sunny afternoon playlist in anticipation for those balmy evenings spent lazing around in the backyard.

Swaine Delgado – Liquor Love

Swaine Delgado is a name you’re going to be hearing for a long time. Delgado’s debut EP Run Boy, Run, which was released last month, seamlessly combines electronica, psychedelia and RnB to create a balmy blend of dreamy pop that perfectly captures that lazy summer mood.

His latest single Liquor Love is the perfect song to do nothing to. Watch this space…

Tropical Strength – Sixtle

You may recognise the pair from Farmer and the Owl’s newest signatory Tropical Strength from Wollongong’s favourite bands Shining Bird and The PinheadsThe Strength brings us back to life with their punchy summer hit Sixtle.

It’s an experimental aural collage with a melancholic summer feel. Sixtle is one of our favourite releases of the year.

FRITZ – Summer Holiday

FRITZ perfectly encapsulates teenage heartbreak in her dazed indie-rock ballad Summer Holiday. It’s the perfect track to reminisce about summer romances been-and-gone.

Sad girl surf rock has never sounded so good!

Bourgeois Earth – Where is the Sun?

Nick Griffith, from Sydney big-wigs Big White and High-Tails, sometimes moonlights as one-man-band Bourgeois Earth. Where is the Sun is one of the most underrated songs of all time. We guarantee that it will be stuck in your head for days.

The single will feature on Bourgeois Earth’s debut EP Tomato, Tomatö, released via Dinosaur City Records.

Parsnip – Nigella

Parsnip’s 1960s-style pop hit Nigella pays homage to everyone’s favourite celebrity chef. If you don’t know who that is yet, you’re welcome.

The quartet, who have only been playing as a band for about a year, recently toured with groovy wizards The Babe Rainbow and Bananagun and are playing Gizzfest in Melbourne this December.