5 minutes with Australian party starter DJ Emily Scott

Emily Scott is a DJ, producer, dancer and designer who has spent her career carving out a comfortable house/tech house niche in the global club scene. Having played on some of the world’s finest dance floors, right now she’s back in Sydney to focus on a few local shows.

Before she touches down on Friday to play the next instalment of Out of Office, a weekly free party at The Sheaf in Sydney, we caught up for a chat.

emily scott out of office the sheaf

Before she steps behind the decks this Friday at The Golden Sheaf, we catch up with Aussie DJ sensation Emily Scott.

HAPPY: Hey Emily, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

EMILY: Hello! My agency, One Hit / Out Of Office Takeover Series is happening this Friday at the Sheaf, love a local crew doing cool parties in Sydney. We’ve got some fun dates lined up over the next few months.

HAPPY: You must have played more than half the clubs in Sydney by now, are there any standing out as super special at the moment?

EMILY: Being a part of Defected Sydney’s epic show at the Greenwood, the crowd was so lovely, the label’s music and artists bring so much joy to people, that was really special.

HAPPY: On the flipside, are there any clubs which aren’t around anymore that you sorely miss?

EMILY: Many things have changed, but there’s a lot of new parties. Many new day parties and boat parties are around which are vibes.

HAPPY: Are there any DJs you’ve seen beside yourself recently that blew you away?

EMILY: Having a good old b2b set with my mates, playing alongside Eric Morillo was a moment of ‘is this really happening?’, he was huge to me growing up.

HAPPY: How did your experience as a dancer shape the way you DJ?

EMILY: It definitely got me hooked on the beat, dance and dance music has just always been part of my life.

HAPPY: You played last Friday at The Sheaf and you’re playing next Friday as well, had you played this venue before? What was the experience like?

EMILY: It’s amazing, everyone dancing and it felt intimate, but like a big house party. Out Of Office Takeover Series has got me pumped for this weekend, bring on Friday!

HAPPY: Anything special in store for those shows?

EMILY: New edits and all the house tunes I’m really into at the moment to start the weekend right.

HAPPY: Tell us about a few other things you have coming up?

EMILY: A new EP in the works :)

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

EMILY: Thanks!


Out of Office at The Sheaf – July

Fri 5 July – Emily Scott, Willo, Rash Bandicoot, Daniel Florian
Fri 12 July – Random Soul, Venuto, Squeef, Tasmen
Fri 19 July – Andy Murphy, Monica Jude, Friendless, Caleb Jackson
Fri 26 July – Pantheon & Acaddamy, Husky, Brad Mullins

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