5 Nordic artists you should be listening to, by Siv Jakobsen

Need a northern education? Siv Jakobsen shares 5 Nordic artists you should be listening to

As much as we might try, it’s tough to keep up with a scene that’s a world away. Recent exports from the Nordic corner of our planet such as Highasakite, Tuvaband or Cashmere Cat have gone to show us that they really know how to produce a fine artist, but the fact is that they don’t fall into our laps.

Siv Jakobsen, who recently blew us away with her (appropriately named) debut album The Nordic Mellow, calls Norway her home, so we thought she would make the perfect Nordic consult.

Siv Jakobsen nordic artists

Looking for a Nordic musical education? Norweigian songwriter Siv Jakobsen is dishing out a crash course in the region’s most exciting acts.

Ane Brun

Ane taught me that you can be bold and direct when writing songs, that there is no need to sugarcoat or cover up anything. Her music is brilliantly beautiful, emotional and honest, and I love it to bits.

Marit Larsen

I’ve been a fan of Marit’s music for about a decade now, and her most recent release Joni Was Right might just be my favourite. It showcases her incredible abilities as a songwriter; it’s lovely and delicate and direct. As a side note, the fact she produced it herself and released it on her own label is very inspirational.

Fay Wildhagen

Fay is one of the most fascinating musicians I know. Her songwriting is always interesting, always hard-hitting, and always beautiful. Her songs range from intricate and upbeat to delicate and slow, always with her stunning voice and incredible guitar playing at the centre of attention.

Einar Stray Orchestra

I’ve been so very lucky to have Einar Stray in my band for the last couple of years, but that is not why I am mentioning his band in this piece, it’s simply because the music is brilliant. It’s very unique and quite orchestral, often touching on political subjects in the lyrical content. I am a massive fan.


I’m a big fan of musicians that play around with interesting rhythms and patterns in their music. Farao does this so brilliantly, layering rhythmic patterns and melodies in a way that makes me feel like the songs never quite rest. At the same time her music is so calming and beautiful, and utterly fascinating.

The Nordic Mellow is out now through Caroline Australia. 

Siv Jakobsen is currently embarking on a massive 26-date tour throughout Europe. Catch the full run of dates and grab tickets on her website.