Fresh rhythms and freaky pop: 5 tracks that influenced On My Mind by Harry Parsons

Just last week we came across Harry Parsons by way of his cracking new single On My MindA ripper summer jam tackling a relationship breakdown with youthful precision, it’s a potent taste of whatever new music he currently has in the oven.

We reached out to Parsons to chat the track, where it came from and most importantly, who had influenced the tasty rhythms found within. Straight from the artist himself, here are five tracks that fed into what you hear in the brilliant On My Mind.

harry parsons on my mind

Been spinning the latest cut from Harry Parsons? Dig down to the roots of On My Mind with five tracks that influenced the instant summer classic.

Banks – Underdog

Her raw and honest approach to lyrics and song structure gets me. I love how Banks takes electronic pop and does whatever she likes with it, adding her own version of sexuality and darkness.

Her confident self-expression is something to look up to!

Papooz – Ann Wants To Dance

The video just appeared on my Youtube homepage one day and I think I watched it like 10 times.

The personality and cheekiness was so fresh and exciting, and now they’re on repeat on Spotify.

Lauv – I Like Me Better

This guy has some serious skills. I love his songwriting, the lyrics and melodies are insanely catchy. I Like Me Better is just one of those tunes that you start singing along to halfway through the first listen.

Maggie Rogers – Dog Years

Super stoked when I first heard this amazing artist. I came from a background of folk so to see how she blends that raw imagery and storytelling into something fresh was so inspiring.

Her folk-pop bangers make me feel nostalgic and somehow more in touch with my surroundings, powerful stuff.

Cosmo Pyke – Chronic Sunshine

I reckon this guy is one of the coolest people on the planet. His was another video that just sort of appeared on my newsfeed, so much style and sophistication in the imagery and musicianship.

His music makes my head bob and my foot tap, need I say more?


Dig these five tracks? Check out Harry Parsons’ new single On My Mind for yourself below: