5 unmissable up-and-coming acts from the Wide Open Space lineup

Wide Open Space festival offers something fresh and unique for those seeking an experience outside the well-worn normalities of music festivals within Australia.

A plethora of art and music is offered at WOS, in the heart of Australia (the MacDonnell Ranges, to be exact), so it’s safe to assume that the musicians chosen to compliment the sacred landscape are going to be very special indeed.

Here are five incredible up-and-comers that you cannot miss if you’re lucky enough to head to Wide Open Space.

imbi the girl wide open space festival 2018

Heading along to Wide Open Space festival? Do your homework on the lineup with these 5 amazing artists.

Imbi The Girl

Imbi The Girl is truly a force to be reckoned with. The enigmatic Imbi creates an atmospheric sense of cool that is second-to-none, especially in her biggest tunes like V.I.P. and Acidic, both of which evoke influence from the likes of Little Simz and SZA.

The simplicity of Imbi’s slow beats contrast their ridiculously relevant lyrics like; “I swear man when I’m this fucked up I didn’t even stop and think”. It’s lines like this we all know too well, when we’re simultaneously crying in the smoking area of our local watering hole, whilst texting that one fuck-boy who said he would call you but still hasn’t.

To put it plainly, it’s refreshing to hear these influences portrayed by Imbi, somebody who describes themselves as an angsty kid who wrote a lot of poetry, and then kinda just decided to do some rap.

Resin Moon

Australia’s missing piece to the contemporary electronic puzzle is Resin Moon. Residing in Alice Springs, Resin Moon grasps inspiration from Australia’s unique landscape, evident throughout his truly unique tracks.

An aural link to the sounds of James Blake and Ásgeir is impossible not to be inspired whilst delving into his smooth production, but there is a sense of originality that is truly Australian. Listening to Feels is like falling deeper and deeper into the artist’s complex imagination, with more twists and turns than a Kürtősh and fantastical lyrics that are sensual and alluring.

Resin Moon is an act that will connect the audience at Wide Open Space with the incredible landscape that surrounds them.


Local sad boy Cooperblack will be sharing his finely-tuned musical stylings with the audience at WOS this year. There’s a string of killer releases to his name already, and he’s showing no signs of hitting the brakes.

With video collaborations across the board for his Return To The Big Eyes EP, Cooperblack created/curated a dream-like atmosphere that transcends reality and distorts the traditional gradient that has saturated the electronic genre in Australia; in shorter words, Cooperblack just makes nice music. Like, really nice.

If you want the well-rounded experience, delve into his I Assume track, alongside the video produced by the creepy-as-hell Alex Machin and his trippy stop-motion animations.


The sun’s going down, your bodies are perspiring, but you’re not done yet. You’re wandering around Wide Open Space searching for your friends, and then you stumble upon COPYCATT.

You’re taken by the the incredibly deep, saturated trap beats reverberating from the ground below your bare feet, and you feel your knees bopping and arms swinging to each bass drop and every snare. You soon learn that COPYCATT was that awesome dude who won the triple j Play School theme song remix competition, and you become even further enthralled by his production.

The set is over, and you are soon reunited with your mates. Sadly, they just missed out on one of the best undiscovered artists of 2018.

Katie Harder and the Artful Dodgers

Australian folk music is something to revel in itself. There’s a unique charm that grassroots bands like Katie Harder And The Artful Dodgers bring to the genre that no international acts can bother emanating.

Their latest EP Beloved is a truly heart-warming ode from the centre of our country. Etched with a calming melody, Katie Harder’s voice evokes an immense sense of relief, whilst lullabying her audience into a state of calm and down-to-earth tranquility.

There is no better way to connect to the incredible landscape surrounding WOS than seeing Katie Harder And The Artful Dodgers. You’ll soon know why they’re a band refreshing as they are meditative.

And there you have it, friends, attending Wide Open Space festival will not only be an incredibly humbling experience in itself, it will give you a chance to connect to the natural beauty we have in our own backyard.

Check out the full Wide Open Space lineup here. Tickets available here.