Raining truths on everything from acid to sex, Imbi The Girl is a fierce and unapologetic hip-hop force

Imbi The Girl is the most exciting thing to happen to Australian hip-hop in a long time. With honest and vulnerable poetry, Imbi has transformed some of the darkest and challenging moments of her life into pure power.

We sat down with Imbi to catch up on her most recent tour, her recently released single and the hardest acid trip she’s ever done.

Imbi The Girl

From recounting acid freak-outs to an upfront policy on her sexuality, you can be sure Imbi The Girl is one thing above all else: honest.

HAPPY: Tell me a bit about Acidic and how it came about?

IMBI: Acidic was (unsurprisingly) the result of a pretty intense acid trip. I was by myself, and by the end of it I had forgotten who that was. The song came a couple of weeks later, as I started to piece myself back together and think about how and why it all happened in the first place. I have to clarify though, I don’t regret any of it and wouldn’t regard it as a negative experience. Everything happens for a reason and if it weren’t for that trip, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

HAPPY: You’ve been touring with Lostkeyz, how has it been on the road?

IMBI: It’s been an absolute dream! He and Brad Michael (drummer) are such fun, lovely, genuine people. I couldn’t have asked for better support or on road entertainment for my first tour experience.

HAPPY: You have a new single out, V.I.P., it’s taking the conversation a few leaps over from Acidic, tell me about what you are trying to say with this one?

IMBI: I’ve always struggled to see myself as a sexual person. Whether it was due to insecurities, bullying or otherwise. I was made to feel undesirable by myself and those around me throughout primary/high school, so V.I.P. is kind of, a public declaration of sexuality. You could think of it as a loud and proud announcement that I have a libido and I am unashamed !

HAPPY: You’re a part of a growing local music scene, who are you loving at the moment?

IMBI: The local bands and ensembles I can’t get enough of at the moment include (but are not exclusive to) Thunder Fox, Kiyanosh and The Syndicate, Clews and also Gyspies of Pangea. That’s a coupla’ bands over a coupla’ different genres so search em up, you’re sure to like at least one I reckon.

HAPPY: What are some areas of our industry that you feel like need more conversation around them?

IMBI: As an artist, I came into all of this knowing close to nothing about the actual logistical/bureaucratic elements of the industry, especially finance. It’s really hard to find info that’s easy to read and accessible for young, up-and-coming musicians. I think there needs to be a whole lot more education for new musos to find guidance and figure out the ins and outs of the industry. I know if I didn’t have a manager I would still be absolutely clueless about the business side of music!

HAPPY: You are pretty vocal about drugs and sex in your music, two areas which definitely need more airplay. What’s a subject matter which you feel like you’re not going to go near?

IMBI: I don’t think I’ll ever make a diss track. Fuck spreading negative vibes! Why bring others down when you can support and encourage them instead!? If I really disagreed with what a person is doing, I’d try start a genuine conversation with them. I think that tends to be more productive.

HAPPY: You have a pretty powerful blend of hip-hop and melody to your music, where are you hoping to take your sound in the coming months?

IMBI: I hope to always surprise people, bringing a new sound with every new track!

HAPPY: What’s next for you and where can we expect to see you?

IMBI: Onwards and upwards! You can catch me in your dreams or maybe doing a live set later in the year.


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