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Looking for something sultry and smooth? Shady Bliss have it all in new single Hustlers

I’m always in the mood for something with a bit of sass. So when I heard Hustlers by Shady Bliss, I was more than on board.

With twangy, fierce guitar and a subtle, mysterious beat behind it, the latest single from the Brisbane rockers is a raunchy ripper.

With builds and drops that heighten its mysterious quality, Hustlers from Brisbane’s Shady Bliss is one attitude-soaked track.

It has an old time gangster feel to it and, as their name would suggest, a really shady narrative. As I said, I was hooked from the beginning, and despite a slight disjointedness between the male and female vocal, the rollercoaster structure of this track kept me on my toes all the way through.

There is awesome use of experimental lyricism throughout Hustlers, the band clearly not sticking to any particular model. In other words, Shady Bliss have played to no one else’s game.

Hustlers is an homage to the dirty and enticing, the so-bad-it’s-good side to all of us. The track has cheeky moments and a sultry twist which grabs your attention like a vice.

We’ve all been there; it’s the old story of those kind of infuriating people we know are bad for us, but we just can’t stay away from.

Even better, this team are going out on tour to showcase the release, hitting up venues along the east coast. If this song is anything to go off, their live set is sure to be a fun one.

Overall Hustlers is a lively, original release, Shady Bliss truly going above and beyond in their personality and attitude departments with this single.


Catch Shady Bliss on tour supporting Hustlers this week:

Thurs 28 Sep – The Tote, Melbourne – Event
Sat 30 Sep – The Brightside, Brisbane – Event



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September 25, 2017