New vinyl ‘remotes’ let you DJ without dropping the needle

A new device revealed at NAMM 2018 allows you to DJ without dropping the needle. Sound like science fiction? Hear us out.

Phase is comprised of two wireless ‘remotes’ and a dock, engineered to work with any DVS setup. The remotes sit on top of your records, sending information to the dock, which in turn is plugged into your mixer and connected wirelessly to your laptop.

phase wireless vinyl djing namm 2018

Didn’t think DJing without a needle was possible? Well welcome to the future, Phase is here and set to change the game completely.

Phase claims to achieve unparalleled accuracy and steadiness through the new tech, overcoming any limits you may run into while using a turntable cartridge or timecode control vinyl.

It’s a pretty amazing thing to behold in action, so we’ll wait and see how the greater vinyl and DJing communities take it.

Check below for a diagram of how Phase works, plus a video of the device in action.

vinyl dj tool phase

Find out more about Phase here.

Via The Vinyl Factory.