VASSY offers a local’s guide to Darwin ahead of her set at BASSINTHEGRASS

VASSY lists her go-to Darwin hotspots for hangover feeds, crocodile spotting, and live music in the lead-up to BASSINTHEGRASS

We’re just over a month away from BASSINTHEGRASS 2024, which means ticket-holders are no doubt counting down the days until the biggest event on Australia’s festival calendar.

Needless to say, but the Happy Mag staff are particularly keen for this year’s edition, and not just because of its stacked lineup that includes the likes of Macklemore, Jet, The Jungle Giants, Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir, and Young Franco


We’ve already sifted through all the reasons you must get yourself to BASSINTHEGRASS 2024, and all the extra reasons you need to visit its host state, the Northern Territory.

For her part, VASSY — one of multiple stars set to take the BASSINTHEGRASS stage — sat down with us for a run-through of her favourite Darwin hotspots. 

The dance music star, whose new single ‘Off Switch’ arrived in January, grew up in the capital city, so she’s best poised to offer us a local’s guide to Darwin ahead of BASSINTHEGRASS 2024.

Add to your upcoming travel itinerary below, and scroll down to find VASSY on Spotify.     

HAPPY: When you are away from home, what is the first image that comes to mind that keeps you connected/grounded? 

VASSY: My dog Milo. Then a laksa from Parap markets in Darwin, then of course my family and my sunset walks by the beach in Darwin. Oh, and a good flat white LOL. 

HAPPY: What’s your go-to cafe or coffee spot while in Darwin? 

VASSY: I luv my good old cool spot, but also Nightcliff shore 

bassinthegrass bag raiders

HAPPY: Which Darwin spot serves the best hangover feed?

VASSY: Ummm. Yots, of course, in Cullen Bay — the best place in all of Darwin

HAPPY: Any favourite Darwin music venues you liked performing in or attending? 

VASSY: Yes, Darwin Convention Center. I did the Starlight Gala there. It was nice, great sound system. But my fan place is the outdoor amphitheatre.  


HAPPY: NT is the crocodile capital of Australia. Have you spotted any crocs or heard any horror stories? 

VASSY: Ummm yep, I have definitely spotted crocs. It’s like, if you’re from Darwin and you haven’t seen one, then you definitely have been hiding LOL.

I think the worst story was these two tourist sisters from Germany, and they both swam in the Adelaide River and one of the sisters was taken down by a croc. She did not make it…

HAPPY: Where would you take your friends for a celebratory drink in Darwin? 

VASSY: Yots in Cullen Bay. The sunsets there, overlooking the Marina, and all the Yots is like being on an island in Greece.

HAPPY: Your new single ‘Off Switch’ is yet another catchy dance anthem. Where’s your favourite place to go dancing in Darwin?

VASSY: Hmmm, back in the day it was Time nightclub then Throb. Now, I don’t go out lol, unless I’m performing.

HAPPY: Any secret recluses or relaxing spots you like to go to in Darwin to hit the ‘Off Switch’?

VASSY: Yep, I love my East Point beach. So peaceful. My zen spot.  

HAPPY: Who are you looking forward to catching at BASSINTHEGRASS?

VASSY: Hmmmm so many cool acts to see. That’s a tuff one. Everyone really, even the workers and tech guys backstage, LOL. It’s a good vibe all round.