Spend too much time on Youtube? Here's 7 videos we watched repeatedly

6 killer videos we all had on repeat this week. Thank you internet. Thank you.

Did you know the Teletubbies were fans of Die Antword? Well that’s a thing now. Thanks Internet! Without you how else could we methodically waste our time? Rapping monsters and homicidal koalas aside the old interwebs is the best place to find some choice clips, and here are 8 that had us hitting the repeat button over and over and over again.

Jack Colwell Video lists

Spent too much time ogling awesome music videos and plain weird shit? Yeah, so did we. Here are 7 videos we watched repeatedly this week.

Jack Colwell – Don’t Cry Those Tears

We’ve all been waiting with baited breath for what Jack Colwell would release next, and wouldn’t you know it he’s had a brilliant little video up his sleeve. With plenty of Colwell’s trademark dramatic flair and nuanced male sexuality it is a well shot look at masculinity and its place in the world.

Deerhunter – Snakeskin

What do you get when you put a man, a pair of overalls, a dog and a skull in a room together? Deerhunter’s clip for SnakeskinAlthough what that exactly is we’re not entirely sure. There’s a lot to love about this clip, from the animated performance to the trippy motion graphics. And let’s not forget the incredible camera work, it really captures the unnerving manner of the performance brilliantly.

The Leers – I Can’t Cope

Heading across the ditch we have I Can’t Cope from indie rock foursome The Leers. Directed by anonymous wonder-duo THUNDERLIPS the video is a cheeky dig at all those arty music videos (*cough Deerhunter). The best part is the band had no idea what would happen to them on the day of shooting, making all the seemingly arty (random) things going on to be met with hilarious shock.

Flowertruck –  Sunshower

Sydney’s Flowertruck are back with their latest single Sunshower. It’s another piece of sweet garage-pop from the four-piece, and in typical Flowertruck fashion the clip was pulled together hastily on a shoestring budget. You don’t need smoke machines and pyrotechnics to make killer videos kids. Just a piece of plastic, some apples and Bruce Springsteen fashion inspiration circa 1984.

The Chemical Brothers – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

House music lords The Chemical Brothers have recently released a new album Born in Echoes, another LP chock full of dance floor bangers. However  Sometimes I Feel So Deserted doesn’t find us in said club, it’s an apocalyptic wasteland full of cannibalistic cyborgs.

Teletubbies and Die Antword

Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world where this exists?