7 Byron Bay artists you should check out while wishing you were at Splendour

What happens in Byron should stay in Byron… except the bands; we should share the bands with the rest of the world and while it might be that time of year again, where you regret not purchasing tickets to the festival all your friends are attending and seeing your third favourite band they hardly know, we can celebrate some local talent from afar. Splendour in the Grass is heading to Byron Bay to metaphorically bliss out and drink green smoothies while taking a break from winter. Here are the bands from Bryon Bay that you should toast to. Perhaps it’s a good idea to head to Byron Bay anyway and relax, unwind and listen to some home grown music.

7 awesome Byron Bay bands

It’s that magical time of year again, Splendour. As we soak up the festival vibes it’s time to celebrate 7 Byron Bay artists who call this seaside town home.

Mt Warning

Having played at Splendour, Laneway and supported the Temper Trap, Mt Warning are one of Australia’s finest beach side acts. Mikey Bee started out in 2012, his debut album poetically named Midnight Set and his latest Petrified Heart a wonder to behold. The name, Mt Warning originates from their hometown Mount Warning, where Splendour attendees can go to see the sunrise before the rest of Australia-every morning.


Punk bandits, Skegss, Ben Ben Bograil, Toby Two String and Jonny Layback grew up in Byron Bay where they started their cult following across Australia and America. Having been loved locally and internationally, the band left their sleepy sea side town to record in New York and are currently working on their anticipated debut EP , 50 Push Ups For A Dollar. Watch this space.


Influenced by Tame Impala, who sound like they live and dream in Byron Bay themselves, Waxhead play indie rock and modern ‘tude and grime’. The four piece humbly grew up in Byron, where they experimented with post punk new wave sounds and established a relaxed army of independent and refreshing rock tunes, guaranteed to fit your playlist for travelling to this year’s Splendour in the Grass.

The Jezabels

Everyone loves a humble band who do big things. The Jezabels met at university in Sydney, however Hayley, Mary, Shannon and Sam all grew up in Byron Bay. The band have played in Sam’s hometown, Cue Endless Summer and sandy hair vibes.


Fun indie rock group PLTS hail from humble Byron Bay where people go to find authenticity. PLTS formed in 2012 and represent an authentic brand of band, the pilots of rock. Their song, Coast to Coast represents PLTS’ catchy take on indie-coast-rock.

Skyways are Highways

Self-described as Pineapple Pop, Skyways and Highways are the perfect seashore arrangement. Fittingly, they sound like the Beach Boys and they like the Hawaiian Islands. Indie, pop and punk, they are like the Neapolitan of genre blending and sound as smooth as ice cream.

The Babe Rainbow

Colourful babes, The Babe Rainbow are brought to you by Angus Dowling, Kool Breeze and Dr. Elliot Love-Wisdom. They are masters of magical music and like to hang out at cafes in their hometown Byron and talk falls rock music. Simply enchanting and colourful, they bring the best out of Byron and belong to the bay.