A Berlin train station is playing atonal music to ‘scare off’ drug users

Ever the city for embracing new and experimental uses for sound, a train station in Berlin has unveiled a plan to use atonal music to ‘scare off’ drug users.

Railway company Deutsche Bahn are behind the initiative, which will take place at Berlin’s Hermanstrasse S-Bahn station towards the end of the year.

atonal music berlin train station
Photo: Tagesspiegel

Tired of pesky loiterers outside your home or office? According to Deutsche Bahn, blasting some atonal music should scatter them elsewhere.

The basic premise of the experiment assumes that atonal music is uncomfortable to listen to, and people won’t want to spend extended periods of time listening to it (especially under the influence).

It’s not the first time music has been used to influence people’s behaviour on public transport. In January, London Public Transport announced they would be providing classical music at train stations and bus stops, which is so delightfully British it hurts.

The trial period will begin towards the end of the year, when a variety of atonal music will be played at the station at a variety of different volumes. Of course for the drug user who loves a spot of atonal music, the Hermanstrasse S-Bahn is about to become paradise.

Via BBC.