A Chicago city block was shut down thanks to ravioli on wheels

It’s not often that you hear about pasta so bomb it shuts down a city block. But that’s exactly what happened in Chicago this week.

What was brought to police attention as a “suspicious package” has turned out to be a tin of Chef Boyardee Ravioli on wheels. According to reports, the “package” was a prototype car made by a design student at DePaul University.


Reports of a “suspicious package” in Chicago has shut down a city block, but it turned out to just be a tin of ravioli on wheels.

Police shut off all traffic to the block where the toy car was left outside a DePaul University off-campus building. This included car and pedestrian traffic on South State Street, and the red line metro, which runs directly below. The car itself is a can of ravioli with a face drawn on it, taped to wooden axles and four skateboard wheels.

The students and professor of the design class said that a student took the car to the street seemingly to test it out. They placed the car in the road and went back into the building to observe the results. Security camera footage has since corroborated this claim.

The block was shut off from about 12-12:30pm. I guess people just aren’t ready for the innovation behind Ravioli Car just yet.