A collection of rare Bowie recordings from the '90s are coming to streaming

A collection of rare Bowie recordings from the ’90s are coming to streaming

An insane collection of David Bowie live releases from the ’90s are slated for release across streaming platforms. Punters will be able to get their hands on his LiveandWell.com album, two exclusive bonus tracks Pallas Athena and V-2 Schneider, and a live recording of his 1997 track Little Wonder from Radio City Music Hall.

The LiveAndWell.Com album was previously only available to BowieNet subscribers – the singer’s music-based social networking site and pre-millennium ISP.

David Bowie LiveandWell.com
Photo: Terry O’Neill/Getty Images

An Earthling-era live album from David Bowie is finally coming to streaming platforms on May 15th. The record was originally released on the late singer’s pre-Y2K social media/fan club/ISP.

The 12-track release contains live cuts from across New York, Rio De Janeiro and the 1997 Earthling tour, and features the talents of Bowie’s long-time collaborators Zachary Alford, Gail Ann Dorsey, Reeves Gabrels, and Mike Garson. These gems give a crucial insight into Bowie’s Earthlings era of the late ’90s, with the majority of these tracks contributing to the release of the Is It Any Wonder EP back in February.

The release celebrates some of the late singer’s most seminal tracks from the end of the 20th century; Seven Years in Tibet, The Motel and Battle for Britain (The Letter), to name a few.

In the last few months, the Bowie archives have treated fans to a number of specialities. Rare rehearsal recordings were rolled out in the ChangesNowBowie album, and the upcoming biopic Stardust has been actively teasing segments of the film.

Listen to the Radio City Music Hall recording of Little Wonder below: