Here’s your first look at the new David Bowie-inspired film, ‘Stardust’

A new clip has dropped from an upcoming David Bowie-inspired film set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, which has since been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Titled Stardust, the film will see actor Johnny Flynn in the role of Bowie, but will not actually be about his music.

Failing to gain support from Bowie’s family, the film still sounds very interesting.


Stardust won’t focus on the music created by David Bowie, but rather on his Ziggy Stardust alter ego.

Bowie’s family weren’t on board with the production of the film so producers have skewed the story-line to centre around Bowie’s life throughout the 70s when his Ziggy Stardust persona was first introduced to the world. Writer and director of the film, Gabriel Range said in a statement:

“I set out to make a film about what makes someone become an artist; what actually drives them to make their art.”

Alongside Johnny Flynn, actress Jena Malone (best known for roles in Hunger Games and Nocturnal Animals) will play Bowie’s first wife Angie while he navigates the formation of Ziggy Stardust after his first visit to America in 1971. Marc Maron will also star as Bowie’s publicist Ron Oberman, who is featured below in a clip taken from the film – which is still hoped to air sometime later this year.