A Colorado resident has caught the plague from a squirrel

Apparently, coronavirus wasn’t enough, so the plague is making a comeback.

There is no need to panic though, Colorado health officials have stated that there isn’t any need to exercise anything other than normal precautions.

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The first human case of the plague since 2015 has been caught by one unlucky resident in Colorado from an infected squirrel.

A southwest resident in Colorado has contracted septicemic plague a few days after a squirrel tested positive for the disease, the first human case since 2015. After exposure to the infected squirrel, the person has since recovered.

According to the Denver Post, state public health veterinarian for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Dr Jennifer House, explained that since the 1940s this disease has always been in the state and “cases in wild rodents are reported most years.”

The health department has advised that pet owners should keep their animals from hunting rodents, and exercise caution when handling rodents especially squirrels and rabbits.

The good news is the septicemic plague is a form that does not spread as easily as other forms of the disease such as bubonic or pneumonic.

The bad news is a squirrel found in Morrison, Jefferson County tested positive for bubonic plague earlier this month, which was responsible for the deadliest pandemic in human history – the Black Death.

Not to worry though, these days bubonic plague is easily treatable with antibiotics if it is caught quickly.