A highly intelligent ‘Who Would Win?’ interview with Kurilpa Reach

After hearing their latest single Bilson, we decided it was high time to speak to Brissy rockers Kurilpa Reach. But we’d spoken to them before, you know? Could you just… interview someone twice?

So to forgo the classic interview format for something a little more spicy, we sent them a series of ‘Who Would Win?’ questions. It got silly.

kurilpa reach Jasper McDonald Blair happy mag interview
Photo: Jasper McDonald Blair

As their new single Bilson ripples through the airwaves, we sat down for a decidedly high-brow chat with Brisbane five-piece Kurilpa Reach.

HAPPY: Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley?

PABLO: Bob Marley for his songwriting, Jimi for his legacy.

VICENTE: Reggae music is the only kind of music that has proven healing properties.

HAPPY: Kurilpa Reach now, or Kurilpa Reach six months ago?

PABLO: Definitely now, mainly for the momentum we’ve been building in the past couple of months recording and finalising the EP, playing bigger shows and feeling more established in the local scene. I definitely feel more confident on stage than I did six months ago.

HAPPY: Fender or Gibson?

PABLO: Fender definitely, the Strat is iconic in every genre and it’s so recognisable, same goes for Precision and Jazz basses. I will say though that my teenage dream guitar was a Gibson Explorer because that’s what James Hetfield played.

HAPPY:  Anthony Kiedis or Bruce Springsteen?

PABLO: Anthony Kiedis. No disrespect to the Boss, Bruce is an incredible performer, he’s almost 70 and he’s still selling out world tours, but Anthony Kiedis takes this one.

VICENTE: Both legendary in their own right but Anthony Kiedis is wild.

HAPPY: An all-in death match between every venue in Fortitude Valley?

PABLO: The Zoo because it’s a Valley institution.

VICENTE: Tomcat is very secure with scarce entrance points making it great to set up camp and fight the battle from within. Smokers area is also a good vantage point to defend ambushes from the back.

HAPPY: Luke, Will, Vicente, Pablo, or Loughie?

PABLO: Pablo.

VICENTE: We once had a band wrestling match. I won.

LUKE: This is untrue. My physical and mental superiority would undeniably trump all these twerps.

HAPPY:  Apple with legs or orange with arms?

PABLO: Are their respective limbs also made from fruit or are they human limbs?

VICENTE: An orange with arms is useless. An apple with legs has endless opportunities.

HAPPY:  Kurilpa Reach or The Bonnie Doons?

PABLO: Kurilpa Doons supergroup.

VICENTE: Kurilpa Reach, tell em they’re dreamin’.

LUKE: A battle worthy of discussion for sure. It would be tight, as a bunch of feisty fellas there would be some good quality scrapping no doubt. But at the end of the day, the sax factor would trump as it always does. It’s just the vibe of the thing, you know?

HAPPY:  A rat the size of Mars or a pigeon the size of the moon?

PABLO: Are they the same distance away? Because then I definitely choose the Mars rat because I don’t want to look up and see a full pigeon moon.

VICENTE: Definitely the pigeon. The rat would fall too quickly down the space food chain and the pigeon is pretty much now a giant meteorite.

HAPPY:  A man listening to Bilson, or the same man listening to Intermittent Healing?

PABLO: Depends on how they feel. I personally like Bilson man because he would be in a better mood than sad Intermittent man.

VICENTE: The man listening to Bilson would be like a dog when you first get home. Overexcited for a bit then calm and sociable. The man listening to Intermittent Healing is probably going to be a bit sad for a bit but then feel better, relieved to realise he isn’t the only one.


Catch Kurilpa Reach live on any of the dates below. Bilson is out now.

Fri 21 Sept – UQ Music and Arts Fiesta – University of Queensland, Brisbane
Fri 12 Oct – The Brightside, Brisbane  – Details