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A modular synth that fits in your pocket: meet the Bastl Instruments SoftPop

Boutique synth masters Bastl Instruments have just announced that the softPop is available on pre-order.

This portable beast from the Czech manufacturers boasts an analog core and signal path, a 25 point patch bay for modular fun and “a secret hack chamber at the back for adventurers” – surely a first.SoftPop

Boutique synth masters Bastl Instruments new “psychedelic analog noise creature”, the softPop is now avaliable for pre-order. Check it out below.

Soundwise, the softPop tends toward acid and psychedelic squelches. It’s fader-centric interface (there are six crammed in there) is the perfect way to manipulate the two VCOs, VCFs and their cross modulations.

For such a diminutive item, its connectivity is admirable. Analog oscillators can be accessed by midi controllers through the patch bay, external audio can be amplified and processed through its filter and it can be sync’d via the clock to drum machines.

And how about that “secret hack chamber”? Well that allows the synth to become semi-modular, maximising its connectivity and making it the perfect companion to the other modules in your patchable rig.

Equally adept as a standalone piece (it even has its own speaker), or a component of your modular setup, the softPop is versatile and full of character.

Find out how to order the softPop here.