A new track from The Shins has got us squirming for their upcoming record Heartworms

With their new album Heartworms expected to be released in March of this year, The Shins have been teasing us with staggered releases some of the album’s new songs.

As part of a live broadcast from Seattle’s Paramount Theatre, the band played a few of their classics as well as debuting some new material. Regina Spektor also performed on the radio episode and you can hear the full broadcast here.


Their set list featured old songs like Gone for Good and Saint Simon, as well as newer tracks like Name For You and most recently The Fear.

The live recording of The Fear is a far subtler number, where lead singer James Mercer sorrowfully sings about how he has “run out of love” over the top of warm acoustic guitars, a colourful accordion and harmonious strings. It’s bound to warm your Heartworms.

The new album is the band’s first release in five years, and is a follow up to their poppier 2012 album Port Of Morrow.

When talking about the band’s new album, Mercer says “I think we’ve got something that Shins fans will really love, and I think there are some other things on there that are different enough.”

It’s clear the band hasn’t lost their playful, experimental nature when approaching their music making. “Lyrically, I think I’m better than I ever was, and I think my songwriting is better than it ever was.” Mercer says.

Heartworms will be released on Columbia on March 10th, but you can pre-order now to scratch that Shin itch and receive the songs Dead Alive and Name For You instantly.

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