Backstreet Boys Wannabe on tour with Spice Girls, and We Want It That Way

While we do have have this epic rendition of the classic Spice Girls hit Wannabewe might be lucky enough to experience a real life resurrection of the iconic girl group themselves – and if that wasn’t enough, a reunion tour is apparently in the works with nineties heartthrobs the Backstreet Boys.

When 2 Become 1: the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys have been talking about an “epic tour” and we’ve already got all their songs stuck in our heads.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and ‘Baby Spice’ Emma Bunton are co-hosts on a new show Boy Band.

In an interview with US WeeklyCarter said he’d been talking with former Spice Girls about a collaboration as a “supergroup.”

“We’ve had conversations, I’ve had conversations with Scary Spice and Emma, and we’ve talked about it. I think it’s all about them getting the girls together(…) but we’re always open to doing a tour with them. I think it would be an epic tour,” said Carter.

According to the interview, The Backstreet Boys are keen but not all of the British girl group are up for it, particularly Melanie C and Victoria Beckham.

Carter and Bunton’s friendship goes way back to touring radio shows in the UK in the early days.