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A ton of classic Tool music videos are finally available on Youtube

When Tool slowly began to accept digital platforms, fans couldn’t be more excited to get in some of the action. 

Now, the alt-metal gods have gone one step further, with the band sharing some of their most classic music videos on YouTube in sweet HD. 

tool Travis Shinn fear inoculum

Photo: Travis Shinn

With Tool delivering Fear Inoculum, the band’s first album in 13 years, they’ve shared several of their thoughtfully created and majorly unsettling music videos to the internet in all their glory.

As other artists seemed to quickly and easily accept the age of digital music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and Apple Music, Tool always seemed to reject them. Previously, this has made it hard for fans to access their music and related footage.

However, this year has seen Tool embrace the world of streaming in a way that fans never expected, making their entire back catalogue available for streaming. 

While Tool have clearly established themselves as one of rock’s biggest hold-outs on digital platforms, fans can now bask in the incredible visuals for Vicarious, Stinkfist, Prison Sex, Parabola, Ænema, Schism and Sober on Tool’s Youtube channel.

Throughout their career, the majority of the music videos Tool have released have been mostly created by guitarist Adam Jones with a range of talented collaborators. As for a possible new music video surrounding the release of Fear Inoculum Jones has stated that the band have “big plans” for forthcoming clips.

“We’ve got a couple in the making,” he said, “and you’ll see them when they come out.”

In the meantime, you can indulge yourself in the dark delights below. 


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September 3, 2019