ABC under fire for uncovering Scomo's link to QAnon

ABC under fire for uncovering Scomo’s link to QAnon

All ‘Bout Coverups: the ABC has re-assessed a Four Corners feature that would publicly link PM Scott Morrison to QAnon.

The relationship between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and QAnon supporter Tim Stewart and his son Jesse Stewart is no secret. The link between the three has been a matter of public record since 2018, when the conspiracy theorists first bragged about their alleged influence over the prime minister on Twitter, but it seems like the Morrison government would like for any truths about this relationship to be kept away from the public eye.

This fact was brought to attention after recent press rumours alleged that the ABC higher-ups intended to pull an episode of the investigative series Four Corners that dealt with the QAnon conspiracy, and Scomo’s ties to it. The ABC’s Director Gaven Morris has since denied that their intention was to pull the program, but rather that it hadn’t yet received the treatment that topics of such a “sensitive matter” usually do — and that it had to be “upwardly referred” before it could be broadcast.

Scott Morrison and Tim Stewart

As it is one of the first full-scale investigations into Morrison’s ties to the QAnon conspiracy, there could potentially be some unsettling and displeasing information contained therein that may necessitate this federally sanctioned censorship. It begs the question: What doesn’t the ABC want us to know?

It has been made incredibly clear in recent months that Scott Morrison’s commitment to the dying fossil fuel industry could easily place him within the estranged clique of climate change deniers, but is conspiracy thought the next step on the slippery slope? Well according to Stewart himself — Scomo is already there.

Alongside his son Jesse, Tim Stewart was one of Australia’s leading supporters of QAnon-centric conspiracy, whose Twitter account (@Negan_HQ, since deactivated) was largely dedicated to uncovering the deeper layers of the Australian arm of an alleged paedophilic Satanic cabal that exists beneath the current face of global politics.

Morrison is connected to Stewart via their wives, who are alleged best friends and served as bridesmaids at each other’s respective weddings — and while such a connection may be condemned by other world leaders, apparently Australia is exempt from such a conflict of interest.

Conspiracy thought has been rampant within the Morrison’s Cabinet especially over the duration of 2020, whether it be Craig Kelly’s embarrassing hot takes on COVID or George Christensen’s ripe opinions on the US election, but it seems like Scomo only really has one response:


“Australia’s a free country — there’s such a thing as freedom of speech in this country, and that will continue.”

So if the Prime Minister of the country feels that he’s allowed to keep conspiracy-compromised individuals within his party, are there characters of a similar ilk lurking in his personal life? Obviously, Morrison won’t entertain the idea of condemning these trains of conspiracy thought whether it be among his staff or among his friends, and in all honesty, this does increase the potential of someone like Stewart actually being able to earn the ear of the PM.

So is this what the higher-ups at the ABC need to take out of the report? Is Scomo himself a supporter of the QAnon theories? Well, put that way I guess it would be a bit of a “sensitive matter” that should be “upwardly referred” before it is disclosed. But for many, confirmation that our PM believes in this whackjob shit would just be one other addition to the list of failures during his time in office.

It’ll be worth tuning in to Four Corners when the piece is released in the next couple of weeks though, as it may be illuminating in ways we might not even yet consider.