Log in to Ableton Loop Create: a free online event for music makers

Ableton Loop Create is almost here! Find out how to get involved with this free online event for music makers from all over the globe.

Though COVID-19 forced last year’s in-person event to shut down, Ableton Loop will be returning in an online format in 2021.

Loop Create is a one-day online event for music makers, which will take place between June 26th and June 27th 2021. It will be hosted on the Ableton Loop microsite, with sessions kicking off at 7:00 pm AEST. Because of its online format, the sessions are open to a community of creators from all over the world.

Ableton Loop Create

Just like the in-person Loop summit, Loop Create will include sessions hosted by a number of musicians, artists, ‘technologists’ and educators from all over the musical map. In the past, Loop events have been hosted by the likes of Richard Devine, Simon Reynolds, Kelela and Equiknoxx, to name a few. Ableton is yet to release the line up of artists and producers presenting at this year’s Loop Create event, that information should be released shortly.

While attendees will have a number of informative lectures to tune in to, they will also be encouraged to experiment with new production techniques, share insights, and meet each other in facilitated conversations.

Loop Create’s online format allows for a unique opportunity: to meet fellow music-makers from around the globe. The sessions have never been so accessible.

A new chapter for Loop starts now,” Ableton wrote. “The Loop experience of previous years is being reshaped and developed into new events.”

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