The Accessible Games Database will make gaming possible for everyone

The Accessible Games Database will make gaming possible for everyone

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, DAGERSystem has created a groundbreaking catalogue of the most disability-friendly games available.

As more and more people are lured into the entrancing realm of video games, the increasing diversity of gamers means that developers can’t put off incorporating accessibility focused features any longer. Enter: the Accessible Games Database.

Conceptualised and developed by DAGERSystem, a games media outlet centred on accessibility, the new Accessible Games Database is leading the way to a better and more accessible future in gaming.

Accessibility Games Database

DAGERSystem released a short statement on their upcoming project:

“The Accessible Games Database takes the gamble out of buying games for disabled consumers! It’s a searchable platform in which a user selects accessibility features they need to access a game from a menu of filters, and the AGD provides a list of games that offer those features.”

They also note that while the staff at DAGERSystem are currently adding titles they own to the database, the outlet are hoping to continue by adding hundreds of other available titles. It’s commendable work, since the platform will include around 70 different filters, courtesy of the team’s nine years of experience in the video game accessibility sector.

Major AAA titles such as Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are among some of the many titles that will soon be found on the digital catalogue.

Josh Straub, one of the staff at DAGERSystem, said:

“What one family sees as acceptable for their children is going to be totally different from another, even if their children are the same age, just like two disabled gamers with the same diagnosis will have drastically different needs given severity and comorbidity.”

“That’s why I see a future in objective data especially in accessibility, where we can inform consumers what features a game has prior to purchase with minimal effort.”

However, it should be noted this isn’t the first accessible gaming platform; with other notable organisations implementing similar programs such as the Special Effect, Able Gamers charity, and Games Accessibility Guidelines.

The Accessible Games Database will officially launch on 1st September, 2021.

In the meantime, check out the official announcement below: