Gibson and Adam Jones have teamed up for a signature Les Paul

Gibson and Tool guitarist Adam Jones have collaborated to release his much anticipated first signature Les Paul Custom.

Over the past few months, Gibson has been teasing a signature guitar collaboration with Tool guitarist Adam Jones. Now they have finally released the Custom Shop Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom.

The release comes in two Silverburst versions. The first is an identical replica of Jones’s own touring guitar, with all the exact blemishes recreated. Only 79 of these are available with each numbered by Jones himself. There are also 179 VOS replicas that feature artwork created by Jones.

Adam Jones Les Paul

Distinctly Adam Jones features found on both versions include custom capacitors, a DiMarzio volume pot and a hand-wound  Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge pickup. Even the mirror that Jones attaches to his headstock is included.

To celebrate the launch of the new guitar, Gibson released a seven-minute-long video called The Witness. Jones’ Tool bandmates Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey contributed the soundtrack to the project so it is (almost) a bonafide Tool release. Interestingly, Gibson has announced that the guitar is the first in “multi-year partnership with Adam Jones“, so we can look forward to future collabs.

To find out more head to the Gibson website.