Anyone got married lately? Apprently Adele did

Love the way Adele is so notoriuosly private, only to end up shouting from a crowded comedy gig that she just got married

At Alan Carr’s comedy gig in LA, Adele reportedly confirmed the long-standing rumors surrounding her marriage to sports agent Rich Paul.

Two eyewitnesses shared the impromptu revelation with the anonymous celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi, describing how Adele enthusiastically responded when Carr inquired about recent marriages in the audience.


“I was at Alan Carr’s comedy show in LA tonight, and Adele was in the audience,” one witness disclosed. “Alan asked the crowd if anyone got married recently, and Adele shouted ‘I did.'”

The intimate moment unfolded as Adele, seated with a friend, heckled her close friend Carr throughout the show, emphasizing the camaraderie between the two. According to one observer, Adele appeared carefree, enjoying the evening and even sharing snacks brought in by her security.

This isn’t the first time singer has hinted at her marital status with Rich Paul. Back in September, during one of her Las Vegas residency shows, she referred to Paul as her “husband” while interacting with a fan, playfully dismissing any romantic advances by emphasizing her commitment to Paul.

The couple’s relationship became public in July 2021, and despite ongoing speculation, both Adele and Paul have maintained a private stance. When asked about the marriage rumors last month, Paul playfully evaded the question, highlighting their shared commitment to keeping their relationship away from the public eye.

The revelation adds another layer to the couple’s story, with Paul recently opening up about his challenging childhood in his memoir, “Lucky Me.” Adele, who has been candid about her own childhood struggles, found the book emotionally resonant, connecting deeply with Paul’s experiences and the impact of childhood trauma.

As the couple continue to navigate the delicate balance between public and private life, fans are left eagerly awaiting any official confirmation from the notoriously private couple.