Knotfest Australia 2024 is around the corner, and fans are hoping for a bit more diversity – here’s why

Knotfest Australia 2024 see fans wish for diversity, questioning the male-heavy lineup with just one woman

Knotfest Australia 2024 is looming, and within the metal community, particularly among women fans, there’s a wish list for a touch of diversity.

Where are RedHook, Make Them Suffer, Babymetal and SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Spiritbox (despite their performance in last year’s predominantly male lineup)?


While you ponder a little more about which of your fav bands are missing from the festival, note that the current line up looks like this -Pantera and Disturbed are set to dominate the headline slots, with Lamb Of God securing the third position.

However, scrutinizing the 65 performers scheduled to command the stages in March reveals a stark reality – just one woman amid the ensemble.

Halestorm’s indomitable frontwoman, Lzzy Hale, stands as the sole female figure at the helm of Knotfest Australia 2024.

So, no, not everyone is cheering. Critics are questioning the lineup, raising concerns about the organizers potentially overlooking the imperative of diversity. A single female presence in a sea of male counterparts prompts some to ask, “Is this the best we can do?”

Lineups Without Males, an Instagram account focusing on the underrepresentation of women in festival lineups, underscores these concerns with a pointed comparison.

One side features a band with women members, while the other showcases the comprehensive Knotfest Australia 2024 lineup, captioned, “Knotfest 2024, National. 7% of artists feature at least one non-male member.” The feedback? Let’s just say disappointment is an understatement.

So here we are, Knotfest Australia 2024, caught up in a debate about gender diversity. The chatter’s getting louder, and fans are side-eying the organizers, giving them a nudge to mix things up for a more inclusive live music scene.