WATCH: Adele vanishes into thin air at her Las Vegas show

Adele shocks fans by “disappearing” onstage during her Las Vegas Residency show: “Where f**k did she go?”

Adele’s magical performance during the opening night of her Las Vegas residency show, Weekends with Adele, had an equally-magical exit. On Saturday (November 19) at The Colosseum, the Grammy-winning Hello hitmaker was showered with confetti during the final seconds of her performance.

After the pink glittery madness cleared, Adele was nowhere to be seen, leaving fans in shock and awe: “Where the f—k did she go?” Tweeted one fan, along with a clip of the puzzling moment. “Woah. Billie Eilish starts her show jumping out of the stage, and Adele ends hers dropping down into the stage. Such a cool illusion by Adele,” commented another account. Watch Adele’s vanishing act during her performance of the song Love Is A Game below.