Adidas finally releases Zissou sneakers from The Life Aquatic

13 years later, Adidas finally releases those Zissou sneakers from The Life Aquatic

Adidas has style. Wes Anderson has even more style. When The Life Aquatic first screened in 2004, a pair of fresh AF Zissou sneakers caused enough fandom to start a ton of online petitions practically begging for Adidas to formally release the shoes.

It’s easy to understand… just look at these colour coded hombres. Mmmm.

the life aquatic shoes zissou sneakers

A long, long 13 years after they were first unveiled in The Life Aquatic, you can finally get your mitts on a pair of Zissou sneakers from Adidas.

Back in 2004-5, when the film was running in its prime, limited sneaker runs and gimmick releases were barely even a thing. Now that the world is sneaker-obsessed, Adidas are obviously jumping on the opportunity to brush off this old nest egg.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for them to dust off the TR-808 inspired kicks.

The design is a recoloured Adidas Rom, a body first conceived in 1959 for the upcoming Rome Olympics.

100 pairs have been released so far, with Adidas holding back on news of a wider distro. Fingers crossed.

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