Adidas Spezial celebrates the 30th anniversary of acid house with AW18 collection

Fashion has always taken a vast inspiration from music, and the most powerful inspiration has stemmed from the most powerful scenes. The Summer of Love, disco, gangster rap and glam all heralded new ages of fashion design. So did acid house, although with a far less opulent style.

When this squelchy, rhythmic brand of music swept through the UK in 1988, ravers settled into a laid-back look that was geared towards hours upon hours of (often ecstasy fuelled) dancing. It’s from this moment in time that adidas Spezial have found inspiration for their AW18 collection.

adidas spezial acid house aw18
Photos: Kevin Cummins

Sneaks, sweaters and nights that never end: adidas Spezial celebrates 30 years of acid house with their newly unveiled AW18 collection.

The UK rave movement blossomed as pills, dance music, and sound tech converged. By the early ’90s the events had become enormous, all-night parties on wide open fields, or illegal warehouse trawls with seemingly no end.

The announcement came alongside a short film directed by Nick Griffiths and photos shot by Kevin Cummins, who has worked with Primal Scream, Joy Division, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd, to name a few.

Via Dazed.