The Charlatans brought waves of swooning nostalgia to the Metro Theatre

There is nothing like a spot of The Charlatans to induce a bit of swooning nostalgia. The Mancunians emerged from the Madchester/baggy scene in 1989 and hit the ground running with their debut Some Friendly which reached #1 in the UK.

Their creative prowess peaked on ’96 LP Tellin’ Stories with hits like One to Another, North Country Boy and How High. Since then, the band has soldiered on through tumultuous times and lineup changes, releasing their 12th studio album last year, Different Days.

Photos by Dani Hansen

With Sydney legends Planet in tow, 90s Madchester heroes The Charlatans bought waves of swooning nostalgia to The Metro Theatre.

Through it all they’ve built a lasting legacy as nice guys for life and become one of the most familiar names in music, banging out tune after tune and effortlessly combining alt-rock styles, acid house, Britpop and Stones-ian classic rock.

The Metro in Sydney was treated to a sweet throwback night when the band rumbled through on yet another tour down under (they love it here). I arrived in time for the second opener, local four-piece Planet.

I’ve had their new EP Waking Eight on heavy rotation but this was my first time seeing their live show. Their sound certainly borrows from Britpop’s heyday but there’s a shoegazey, dream pop element that punches through as well. And that’s exactly what they led their set with. They glided through their short but impressive catalogue, seizing the attention of the burgeoning crowd in a big way, and finished on undeniable favourite Aching Dream; the perfect segue into Charlatan-good-times.

Frontman Tim Burgess addressed the packed room and began to rock back and forth across the stage, a bowl-cut ball of energy, as the band dove into Totally Eclipsing, Emilie and One to Another.

The punters ate it all up, and The Charlatans gave off an unmatched warmth, the kind you cultivate with your best mate over three decades. It was a truly sweet reunion (we fully expect another reunion in another two years). See some snaps from the show below.