After School Care unleash an absolute frenzy on their debut EP ‘No Hat No Play’

On their debut EP, After School Care churn punk through the ringer of alt-rock and leave audiences with a bloodthirsty and totally addictive set of songs.

At its core, punk is rebellion. And what’s more punk than forgetting your hat in primary school but going out to the soccer pitch at lunchtime anyway? Literally nothing. Meet No Hat No Play: a slap-you-in-the-face EP for all you ex-Year 4 delinquents, courtesy of After School Care.

The Melbourne four-piece have finally dropped their debut EP, and it’s more than we could’ve imagined.

after school care

After School Care have a very distinct way of writing. They usually begin with a slower, rhythmically-tight take on the rock sub-genre of their choice, blending in elements of punk and alt-rock throughout, before unleashing into a bloodthirsty chorus. But distinct, in this case, certainly doesn’t mean formulaic or repetitive. Rather, the band have already mastered the perfect method of expanding into different genres while staying true to themselves, and it makes for a much more enjoyable listen.

Take Grey, for example, the EP’s second single. The track is a really breathtaking blend of quintessential indie-rock coupled with a punk smattering of distortion. What emerges in an irresistible earworm, reminiscent of These New South Wales, that treads a perfect balance between grit and playability. In true After School Care fashion, this is until the song’s final chorus, when the boys unleash into a full-out garage-punk frenzy.


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Desperation’s Hit follows a similar route, opening with slower, ‘90s grunge laced notes before erupting into complete punk madness. Oughta Be, on the other hand, is just an all-out Australiana punk classic. It smells of a grimy, late-night pub, spilt VB, the sweat of a manic mosh, and a few cut lips.

No Hat No Play is undeniably brilliant and a true standout among Australia’s current punk scene.

No Hat No Play is out November 30. Get your grubby hands on the EP here.