Kickstart your creative 2021 with these 5-day Summer Intensives

Kickstart your creative 2021 with these 5-day Summer Intensives

Whether you’re an aspiring director or an experienced set builder wanting to skill up further, AFTRS has a Summer Intensive with your name on it.

As 2020 hits the rearview – phew – the world is going to be reassessing its priorities. I have a feeling new year’s resolutions will be especially ambitious going into 2021, and what better goal to set yourself than by making up for some lost creative or career time.

We were recently pointed in the direction of the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School’s (AFTRS) Summer Intensives, a series of quick-delivery courses designed to kick your 2021 off with a bang. They cover a broad spectrum of skillsets, from screenwriting to documentary making, prop making, radio presenting, and more.

If you can’t wait to make your mark on the creative industries in 2021, here’s some more info about the AFTRS Summer Intensives.

Are the Summer Intensives right for me?

Broadly speaking, the AFTRS Summer Intensives are built to be applicable to any skill level. Unless you’re at the absolute top of your industry (in which case courses are probably the last thing on your mind), you’re likely to learn a few new things.

All the courses are taught by industry professionals, so even if you’re covering some recognisable ground, you’ll be able to ask a few key questions in a learning environment.

Some courses are also applicable to a range of careers, for instance the Screenwriting Intensive taking your stories from initial idea through to a finished script, or the Feature Documentary Intensive, learning interview techniques, camera placement, lighting and sound, and much more.

The short answer is if you’re looking at stepping into or stepping up your creative career, AFTRS is one of the best places in the country to look.

What will I get out of it?

The Summer Intensives are all five days long, and you’ll walk out of them with a myriad of new skills for your time spent. Not only that, but you’ll be networked into a group of like-minded creatives, all of whom you could find an eventual collaborator in.

Not to mention your teachers, industry leaders such as industry leaders such as screenwriter Jonathan Ogilvie (Screenwriting Intensive), Sydney Film Festival Documentary Prizewinner Dylan Bowen (Feature Documentary Intensive), and many others.

AFTRS graduates are represented across the Australian creative industries and throughout the world, winners of Academy Awards, Emmys, and hundreds of guild prizes. You never know who you’ll meet there – or who you’ll become once pointed in the right direction.

If an AFTRS Summer Intensive sounds like something you’d like to kick off 2021 with, check out the list of courses and dates below. More information can be found here.

Intensive dates

Directing Intensives: Jan 18 – Jan 22
Screenwriting Intensive: Jan 11 – Jan 15
Writing for TV Intensive: Feb 1 – Feb 5
Feature Documentary Intensive: Feb 1 – Feb 5
Lighting Intensive: Jan 18 – Jan 22
TV and Radio Presenting Intensive: Jan 11 – Jan 15
Prop Making and Scenic Art Intensive: Feb 1 – Feb 5