Drake and The Weeknd’s love child: A.I. creates hit song with fake vocals

Move over, human singers—A.I. is taking over the music industry and it’s making Drake and The Weeknd sing about Selena Gomez.

The era of A.I.-generated tunes is upon us. Thanks to the mysterious “Ghostwriter,” fans can now enjoy a track featuring the voice-generated A.I. vocals of Drake and The Weeknd singing about Selena Gomez. The song is so realistic that fans can’t believe it’s not the real deal.

It looks like we’re on the cusp of an A.I. music revolution, where we’ll be able to create custom playlists featuring all of our favorite artists on demand. Say goodbye to waiting for new albums and hello to endless personalized jams. The two-minute track includes Metro Boomin’s signature producer tag, a catchy piano groove, and a bass-heavy beat that will have you bopping your head. The clone Drake kicks off the song by rapping about his ex and Selena, while The Weeknd follows with his own verse about the pop starlet. The result is an A.I. song that sounds like it could have been created in the studio with the real artists themselves.

drake A.I. song the weeknd

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen A.I. generate music, but it’s definitely one of the most impressive examples yet. A.I. developer Mckay Wrigley took to Twitter to express his excitement, stating that this is the first example of A.I. generated music that really wowed him. He even predicts that we’ll soon be able to create unlimited music by our favorite artists on demand with the help of A.I.

So, get ready to create your own custom playlist featuring all of your favorite artists with the help of A.I. technology. With this new trend on the rise, we may never have to wait for our favorite musicians to drop new tracks again.

Listen to the track below:


Updated: Can the music industry keep up with the disruptive impact of this Artificial Intelligence phenomenon of Ghostwriters Drake/Weeknd A.I hit ‘Heart On My Sleeve’? Looks like it, after reaching over 250,000 Plays on Spotify, the song has just been removed from streaming.